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Watch Dogs… Rage!!!

Okay, so I’m playing Watch Dogs currently and I am about to destroy my PlayStation. Not lying here, I feel like murdering everyone right at this very minute.. I tried to effing complete this goddamned mission like seven times now, and just as I was about to kill the very same enemy who murdered a million times, I realize, that the very skill, allowing me to take down a tank like enemy, does not work on this very enemy and I died again.. having to start all over, again. So I once again, have to listen to that tuck by Iraq dude, talk about how we’re not friends and that he’s gonna kill me and my family, and I just feel like jumping off the freaking roof.. is there no justice in this game? Did I not just but that very skill to take down that kind of enemy? Yes I did, and now I can’t use it when I really need it.. arghh.. I just.. I just feel like murdering this game.. Yep, murder is on my mind..

My Epic Dreams 1

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people post their dreams, and I thought I’d do that too, because this dream I had was seriously one of my favourite dreams ever!
The dream started with this girl from this human tribe thing, she was sent out at sea as a sacrifice, I can’t remember If she was drowned first, or just sent out on a boat..
But she then arrived at this godly realm, where she was invited to a party (she thought) for gods.. but she soon found out that she was go be a sacrifice again, and this time to a massive fish in order to please the gods (twisted humour) she was pushed over an edge and landed in this bubble of sorts, that was placed just above this massive whale shark.. in the middle of the bubble was a hole, and the walls on the bubble were wet so just as she was about to go down the hole, this male god saved her and it was just.. it was just an epic love story that begun in my freaking dream..








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